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Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
poverty. the un says more than half the population barely has enough to eat, and the energy shortage is making things worse. >> he used to be able to provide for his family. not anymore. a shortage of natural gas has taken his jobs. >>, as opposed to feed my kids? if it goes on like this, i would have no choice. >> the machinery in factories now stand idle. production lines are empty for thousands of workers out of the job. the energy crisis has paralyzed production in more than 500 factories. the government says it has to meet the demand from household users, but the result is an increase in unemployment. the un estimates more than half the people in pakistan cannot afford meals, and that is rising. >> the lack of electricity. the increase of unemployment are definitely factors, which are probably raising the number of people going beyond the poverty level. >> double-digit inflation has pushed the price beyond the reach of many families, and growing unemployment has been seen as a social menace. >> it is adversely affecting the daily wage earner, and if they do not have a job ultimatel
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
. producing food, which is really the focus of the moment, producing more requires more energy. it requires more water, and it requires more land, and as engineers, we are tasked with delivering about, and we ask is that really necessary? why wouldn't it be much better to look at reducing waste in a surer -- in mature economies, and they sell vegetables that are the wrong color, but this is an incredibly small scale, and we need this to become mainstream, and it is really about the consumer and the supermarket working together to break the cycle we are in. we are expecting the perfect product. >> a carpenter in argentina has survived after being shot in the heart with a nail gun. the man was working in a lumber yard when the accident happened. a team of surgeons successfully
Jan 4, 2013 10:30am PST
realities. it is a global market. drugs are a global market. just like energy, if the united states gets oil from venezuela and its oil from canada and mexico, these are global markets. the united states may get some cocaine from colombia or peru, but bolivian cocaine is moving to west africa and europe. the traffickers will find where the cocaine is demanded and they will get it. it does not matter where it is coming from. we have to address both sides of the equation. >> this is a unique situation inside bolivia. is this a model that can be exported or is this an blip on the radar? >> look for elements of the model that worked in bolivia. see how they could map in different countries. colombia and peru have much more serious security issues. that means that if there is going to be a social control model, there needs to be a better level of security provided by government. in major cocoa growing zones like colombia, the government is absent. the people in control are criminals, former paramilitary, or drug traffickers. the people are at their mercy. imagine you are going to have a
Jan 4, 2013 5:30am PST
from illegal traders. >> in paris or the government wants new buildings to go green, giving energy back to the grid and recycling your own water. >> welcome back. we are picking up a few showers here in central africa across parts of the coastal regions. take a look at the forecast map for the next couple of days. we don't expect anything to be too heavy. lagos be just out of the rain. for parts of libya, especially coastal libya, showers. a disturbance across the mediterranean. benghazi, anywhere along these coastal areas, we expect light rain towards saturday. about 18 degrees is what we expect toward alexandria which will also be getting showers as well. cairo, a high temperature of about 20. near europe, it will be quite messy as systems come out of the northeast. this one system making its way across central europe. another one across germany. the forecast map looks like this toward saturday. snow across parts of the alps as well as heavy rain across parts of germany. london will be mostly cloudy for you, a little warm" >> top stories here on al jazeera, venezuela's informatio
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4